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Deb Binnig is an artist, author and illustrator who has worked in commercial venues, galleries, and has taken a special interest in encouraging young artists. For years, Deb dedicated her time to an after school arts enrichment class for elementary-aged students. 

Deb lives and works on Cape Cod, Massachusetts where she's inspired by the beauty of her surroundings. Throughout her career, Deb has been able to combine a gifted talent for capturing what is visual and imaginative with that which will tug at your heartstrings.

Deb is currently working on two new books, which will be available by end of 2021.

Email: Deb Binnig


Deb Binnig is a recipient of the prestigious Mom's Choice Award for "What Color Is Your Heart?"

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"What Color Is Your Heart?" is proudly part of Ella's Way.

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A Magical Journey To Nana-Tucket

Deb Binnig illustrated this children's book written by Jean Dapra.

What Color Is Your Heart.Mom's Choice Aw

What Color Is Your Heart?

Deb Binnig wrote and illustrated "What Color Is Your Heart?" It's about a young girl who faces unkindness from another child and learns to overcome her sadness and "fading heart colors."

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